Monday, September 26, 2011

The Snarky and sometime intelligent sayings of A. Morrow

A. Morrow is my pen name... I have decided to use the name I was born with, not the one I ended up with out of my own stupidity. I tend to say a lot of things off the cuff...

"I am 47, not 20, my face is supposed to have laugh lines and a few wrinkles, it means I have laughed, loved, cried and lost. In other words, I have lived!"

"Sometimes it is easier to love the wrong one, than to wait for the right one. I will wait... "

"I am the Phoenix, about to rise up from the ashes and be reborn."

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH Shiney......Are those handcuffs for me?"

"Writer Block..... were the ideas are like butterflies that flutter around my head. They land lightly on the synapsis of the brain to give me a brief glimpse of heaven then glide away. Ah, the agony!!!!"

"I'm sorry, you want me to suck what?
Well, when you get me an electron microscope so I can find it,
I might consider your request."

"No, I can't dance with you.
I am only here doing a research project on the inbreeding habits of rednecks. Could you please participate with that redneck right over there."

I am sorry I would rather discuss Nietzsche with a monkey."

"Tae-bo is not a fighting style but if you like I can show you one up close and personal."
"Wish God would cure the insanity but I guess he figured we needed the amusement". A. Morrow on her ex boss.

Me and Doctor Who...

We both wear Chuck's.... Well, the Ten Doctor wore Chuck's and on Saturday's episode the Doctor was wearing them again, this time in white.  Yippie!  I just wanted to throw that out there..... That is all.