Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Got My Busted Head last night from the Wonderful Talented +Steph Ratte'

I got my Busted Head today from the wonderful and talented +Steph Ratté .. You should really pop on over to her profile and see some of the amazing work she does. She also have a very talented sister +Jess Ratte .
Steph Ratté's profile photoSteph Ratté originally shared this post:
Next up, it's +Anna Rowe ! I kinda improvised on your hair, but I hope you like it nonetheless :) Your Hi-res, non-watermarked version will be PM'ed to you momentarily! :D
#BustingHeads #Art #Illustration #Avatars
Anna Rowe, your head's been busted! :D I used two pics for reference for this, so I hope you like it! :D Markers and PrismaPens on printer bond. Art © 2012 to SGMR.
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I am a handy girl to have around. Jan 24, 2012 Almost caught up

Tonight the pipe under the kitchen sink broke. As the man walked grumbling out the door with phrases of "Have to call a damn plumber", "Going to cost a fortune," and "What the hell else can go wrong this week?" I grabbed my trusty pipe wrench, the stretchy fix-it tape and started to dismantle the pipes. 20 minutes later, leak is fixed, didn't cost anything but time and I found a silver three prong fork in the pipes.


Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans or MY DRUG OF CHOICE!

I am so trying this recipe out as soon as possible.
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Just Call Me Sexy!

Have some TARDIS

By popular demand- a chart of the TARDIS' most memorable exteriors from over the years...

I am going through Whowithdrawal....

My Haunted House part 2 January 23 2012

“I know there is strange things happening in the house, but not so strange the I should find knives stashed everywhere.” 

Yes, that statement just left my mouth. When we used to live in the old neighborhood with the occasional drive-by, I did stash weapons around the apartment. I wanted to make sure there was always something close at hand for defense. It was usually one of the many blades I've collected over the years or my hockey stick. I do swing a mean stick. ;op 

The house is different, than the old neighborhood. The old neighborhood was haunted by the specters of human evil and greed, where the house just feels somehow alive. There is just a feeling of never being alone, even when you know you are the only one in the house. It is like there is someone in the next room from you, but you can never quite find them. At times I get a bit of conversation that I should not hear or make out what the words are, yet I am not afraid. We've lived here over a year now and the only problem that I want to address with my unknown specter is “Please close the backdoor and lock it when your done.”

So far the wedging of a chair under the door is working at night, but the door still opens on other occasions and we still cannot debunk it.

Low-Carb Flax Crust Pizza from January 21, 2012

I am on a DIET!  

I have missed eating pizza since I started the kick the metabolism in gear diet. This is actually a good alternative and I was happily surprised how good it tasted. At the moment red sauce is a no-no, so I used a low carb alfredo sauce that worked perfectly. Pepperoni, mushroom and fresh shredded mozzarella made this a delight to eat and keep the carb count down. 

Only problem, I baked the pizza on greased parchment paper and it stuck horribly. Next time I am putting it straight on my pizza round.

Link to recipe below...
#lowcarb #hearthealthy

My haunted house part 1 from January 21,2012 I've been sick ;op

I think the house is haunted. Not in the scary, gloomy way, but in that “what the fuck” kind of way. The back door keeps opening, when we go to bed. I thought at first maybe the wind was jiggling the door open. We ran the normal test of jiggling the door, opening other doors and closing them to get suction or pressure to no avail, I can not recreate the door opening on its own. So tonight when we are getting ready for bed, I am jamming a chair under the door to see what happens next. I am leaning toward haunted and want to set up a camera, just to see if maybe we have a sleep walking specter or something other worldly. So maybe the house is haunted or not, it wouldn't bother me either way, I just want the door to stay closed.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Waking the Muse Post 3

E.P.D. - Are you down?

The Evil Child
Mom, the camera again?

Mom, there is nothing to eat!

I sweep the negative right out the door.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Waking the Muse Post 2.

I didn't realize I had so many of Anne McCaffrey's books.

What does a collection of one author's work have to do with waking my muse?  Everything!  Anne McCaffrey inspired me to look outside of my little world as a child.  I am finding that maybe I have closed myself off and I need to find that magic of imagination again.  So this year is about finding the wonder around me and the magic that the veil of adulthood has masked.

The trolls have been given to me by The Evil Child over years.  They make me smile and seem to end up in the strangest places.

The Troll Brothers
Hurry, we must put our trollish plans in motion before Anna get's back.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Waking The Muse

Let's Fly! January 1, 2012
I thought about joining the 366 project on G+ but I have decide to do my own project.  My Muse needs to awaken.  It will be whatever inspires or ignites a spark in me each day.

I love living with you.  It is always October.  January 2, 2012
My first two pieces are simple really.  A metal fairy, who once lived in my garden, and what Chippewa Man said to me (I am horrid about changing calenders).