Monday, October 31, 2011

My Holey House and the Great Orange Paint Conspiracy!

So I am dealing with this the only way I know how, with humor.
I would rather be throwing a temper tantrum but that would help nothing.
I would rather not be having nightmares but they are old friends, just have added bits now.
(I will write about them later)
So last night, I broke down and made my angry pumpkin out of foam board. 
I still say there is a orange paint conspiracy!
There has to be orange paint somewhere!
I wanted the Great Pumpkin!  
I know it is silly but I swear the Great Pumpkin would just make it better somehow.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My house is still Holey!

To all the assholes who keep saying this is such a rare thing to happen!!!!
  Fuck Off and see the following pics found with a simple search!  

And to the others who keep saying, "Oh, you are handling this so well."
That is only because I am daydreaming of stabbing you.

Carry On.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My house is Holely! Conversations by my porch! And the Great Orange Paint Conspiracy!

Last night while watching reruns of Doctor Who with my Evil Child, a woman decided to make my living room a drive-thru.  Thankfully the only known causality is our HDTV and possibly the PS3, (and the wall, the window, various family photos and my nerves)  I have hopes that the PS3 will be resuscitated when Chippewa Man comes home from work at 6 a.m.  Bizarrely the woman was able to drive away without major damage to her SUV.  If this seems like a flippant account of events.  It is.

The resulting photos and tags I will blame on Trenton Ray of G+.  It's all his fault, really it is...

There is glass in my Chuck's... Sacrilege!  

I am making a fashion statement...and it's cold!

and I was almost done with the new paint..

Oh, look pretty curtains.
Bay Window anyone

Sigh...all that work

The avenue of destruction

I once had this really cool wrap-around porch.

Various conversations heard around my porch today...

Landlord:  How the hell did she????
Me:  I am guessing rocket fuel.

Me:  All Hale the Holely House.
Landlord:  You've been watching to much Monty Python.
Me:  There is no such thang!

Me:  So where we going to put the cashier now we have a drive-thru
Landlord:  I say right there on the left.

Now after all is said and done, my landlord and his cohorts come out and put a huge green house band-aid over the destruction.
It really needs the Great Pumpkin painted on it!  
There is an orange paint conspiracy! 
 I will not be defeated!  
I don't care how many stores I must stalk shop to find it,
 but there will be pumpkins and other Halloweenie things on that house band-aid.

Oh and the best news at all...  The PS3 can take a licking and keep on ticking!  
It's Alive!