Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Knitting Gamer

My Morning Post on G+

Shoot all targets and complete objectives - check
finish match with full extraction of team - check
Pick up knitting while waiting for page to load - check

#masseffect3   #knittingismyobsession  

Knitting has become a large part of my life. I can be found sitting at the kitchen table, knitting and playing Magic the Gathering or other games with the family or grabbing my needles while waiting for loading screens on my PS3 or PC.  Today it was knitting a sock while playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer with the husband.

I can be found gaming "badly" on PS3 and Steam.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Knit or Crochet! That is the question!

I hadn't realized that I had never blogged about teaching myself to knit. I started last February right before I turn 48. I am still slow but learning steadily.

Since I have crochet off and on since I was probably 7, I am using those skills too. Guess what, learning to knit is making me a better crocheter..

My first ever knitting project with a beanie, cowl and finger-less mitts for the Evil Child.... Surprisingly she actually wears them, even after I had to fix the brim by crocheting it.

My first work in the round a simple purled cowl
Best Friend Head bands for Evil Child and Bestie

Easy as Pie Shawl with has been Frogged (ripped out) due to silly mistake...I was almost done. Starting it again soon

Boneyard Scarf by Stephen West 
which I still need to block!

The beanie and scarf I knitted for my father-in-law, but modeled by the husband and his porn 'stache
My first ever pair of socks and a crochet hacky sack...The cats demanded.

Orko the Magnificent/Terrible with her spoils of war...The boys didn't stand a chance.

Grannie Squares...For the husband's diamond patterned afghan..king size
Current sock knitting project...number 2... I hope to finish today.

If I was faster I would never buy another pair of socks!