Monday, September 17, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How Morgan became a Mad Scientist

Back in the days before Jason walked into our lives and shortly after T died, Morgan was prone to experimentation.  She was just about 8 at the time and she would haunt the library shelves looking for experiments she could try at home. I encouraged this behavior since I felt that my own childhood had been sorely lacking in the scientific experimentation phase (I was flat out told no, I didn't need a chemistry set....pout!) 

That summer after she had left to be spoiled as the youngest grandchild of my parents, I discovered that she had left me a little surprise. Imagine opening your cabinets to find something oozing out of every container on to the shelves and threatening to take over the kitchen. It seems she had decided to try an experiment to make crystals, so she could make me a necklace.

Awe! How sweet! you say!

Yes, it was sweet, except she could not find all the correct ingredients and made a few substitutions, hence the over growth of flubbery like substance that was taking over my kitchen.

That is the day Morgan became a mad scientist and earned her title of Evil Child.