Saturday, October 29, 2011

My house is Holely! Conversations by my porch! And the Great Orange Paint Conspiracy!

Last night while watching reruns of Doctor Who with my Evil Child, a woman decided to make my living room a drive-thru.  Thankfully the only known causality is our HDTV and possibly the PS3, (and the wall, the window, various family photos and my nerves)  I have hopes that the PS3 will be resuscitated when Chippewa Man comes home from work at 6 a.m.  Bizarrely the woman was able to drive away without major damage to her SUV.  If this seems like a flippant account of events.  It is.

The resulting photos and tags I will blame on Trenton Ray of G+.  It's all his fault, really it is...

There is glass in my Chuck's... Sacrilege!  

I am making a fashion statement...and it's cold!

and I was almost done with the new paint..

Oh, look pretty curtains.
Bay Window anyone

Sigh...all that work

The avenue of destruction

I once had this really cool wrap-around porch.

Various conversations heard around my porch today...

Landlord:  How the hell did she????
Me:  I am guessing rocket fuel.

Me:  All Hale the Holely House.
Landlord:  You've been watching to much Monty Python.
Me:  There is no such thang!

Me:  So where we going to put the cashier now we have a drive-thru
Landlord:  I say right there on the left.

Now after all is said and done, my landlord and his cohorts come out and put a huge green house band-aid over the destruction.
It really needs the Great Pumpkin painted on it!  
There is an orange paint conspiracy! 
 I will not be defeated!  
I don't care how many stores I must stalk shop to find it,
 but there will be pumpkins and other Halloweenie things on that house band-aid.

Oh and the best news at all...  The PS3 can take a licking and keep on ticking!  
It's Alive!

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