Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Haunted House part 2 January 23 2012

“I know there is strange things happening in the house, but not so strange the I should find knives stashed everywhere.” 

Yes, that statement just left my mouth. When we used to live in the old neighborhood with the occasional drive-by, I did stash weapons around the apartment. I wanted to make sure there was always something close at hand for defense. It was usually one of the many blades I've collected over the years or my hockey stick. I do swing a mean stick. ;op 

The house is different, than the old neighborhood. The old neighborhood was haunted by the specters of human evil and greed, where the house just feels somehow alive. There is just a feeling of never being alone, even when you know you are the only one in the house. It is like there is someone in the next room from you, but you can never quite find them. At times I get a bit of conversation that I should not hear or make out what the words are, yet I am not afraid. We've lived here over a year now and the only problem that I want to address with my unknown specter is “Please close the backdoor and lock it when your done.”

So far the wedging of a chair under the door is working at night, but the door still opens on other occasions and we still cannot debunk it.

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